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Interested Author(s)/Editor(s) may submit the proposal using the MAHI PUBLICATION Proposal Form for any of the following types of Books. All submissions for proposals or manuscripts as well as any queries or suggestions should be addressed to the Managing Editor at

Book Editing Services

Every book needs editing, yet editing yourself is nearly impossible. Even bestselling books also need this. Hiring an experienced book editor is often the best investment you can make for your book, and your writing career.

Here at Mahi Publication, We do a lot more than just read & edit your manuscripts. We know that this is key part of the chain of book publishing.

You dont have to place a book order to take advantage of Mahi Publication book editing services. All you need is your finished manuscript send to us and things get started.

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Book Cover Design

Your book cover design is a very important aspects for showcasing your book. However much time you spend on getting individuals to your book deals page, they won't download a specimen or purchase the book if your book cover design isn't alluring.

We make unique and beautiful book covers for your next best seller book. Mahi Publication have experienced designers who make unique and attractive cover design until you didn't satisfy.

Our book cover design makes it easy, comfortable and affordable for you to realize the dream of holding your own printed book with unique cover!

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Book Marketing

In today's world, how readers will know about your new book launch. For that we have a solution for you. We will do online marketing for your book,
You can also show ads on other website and any location, means if you want to target any specific city, state or country or want to show your ads particular age group then we can also do that.

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