Welcome To Mahi Publication

Mahi Publication is reputed for illustrated books on Indias art and culture. Our publishing programme covers a broad spectrum: fine art, architecture, archaeology, crafts, design, exhibition catalogues, museum collections, performing arts, photography and more. We publish literature under our nascent literary imprint, Mahi PublicationLit, and produce books for children that bring Indian narratives and art-forms closer to young readers.

Quality Publishing

Mahi Publication has defined quality publishing in India. Our editors work hand-in-hand with authors for manuscript development, driven to ensure meticulous editing and proofreading of text. Samples of our work represent a range of design styles with carefully selected typography, presentation of information and respect for all content - both art and text. Our designers collaborate with authors in developing a unique design approach for each book, the production of which is guided by strict guidelines for image reproduction and colour proofing.

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Marketing & Distribution

Mahi Publication warehouses books at four location. Ahmedabad and distributes worldwide through a network of sales representatives. Books are available through major wholesalers, retailers, museum book shops, university book shops and on major websites.

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Why Choose Us?

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You no longer have to wait for months to even hear back from a publisher. You have complete control over your bookís publishing timeline.

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You donít have to sign over your rights to a publisher. We believe that it is your book, your story and you should own all the rights.

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