How to Create and Understand Your Characters

 Creating characters is one of the very first things you should do to even have a solid storyline. Your story is brought to life by the characters you create and what you to express to your readers are conveyed through your characters. Now, many writers and authors have shared with me the difficulties and concerns they face when they sit down to create characters for their book. I say it is simple. You just have to assign a name, an occupation, and work on some of his or her demographic details and your character is ready.

Is that It?

It’s definitely not. I’d be a fool if I said that’s all it takes to create characters for your book. The name, occupation, and other details of your character indicate a character’s identity; but if you want your readers to know who he or she is, you have to characterize and give a personality to your character. And here, we’ll give show you how you can come up with effective characters for your book.



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